The Talensi


are believed to be immegrated from the North of Chad and arrived in Ghana in the 11th century. The first settled in Nalerigu, also located in the Upper East Region, and where known as the Mamprusi. About 380 years ago, part of this group settled in Tongo and are known as the Talensi. Musore and Tindan Genet with their families are the founders of the first settlement in Tongo. Today Tongo has about 10.000 inhabitants. 36 divisonal areas under the Tongo Rana paramount and is now politically known as the TALENSI NABDAM DISTRICT.

The main occuption of the Talensi is farming. The women trade in the market and are responsible for

the house. The majority of the Talensi are traditional believers, there are only a few christians and moslems. One main believe is reincarnation and the connection with the ancestors is very strong. You often see the oracle shrines inside and ouside houses. Also sooth saying  is very common and the men take control for the sacrificies to their gods.

The new year of the Talensi starts in the middle of October after the harvest and is celebrated with the GINGAN and

DAA FESTIVAL. The daily life of the

Talensi is still influenced with lot of old customs, for example the celebration of marriage, funerals or outdoorings of new born babys.